Gotta wonder.

A few years ago, I heard several interviews with the nba ref who got caught up with gambling on games. Tim Donaghey had a lot to say about how officials can, sometimes, have an effect on the outcome of a game simply based on a call here and there.

And there was a companion story about how the director of officiating would sometimes encourage this.

Flash forward. Last season the first round games were worthless and the nba was trying to think of ways to “fix” the problem and make the matchups more interesting.

And then miraculously, all but two of the first round series went 7 games! And they were pretty much all good matchups. And all but one of the games ended with the home team getting an amazing effort in game 7 and winning by more than 10. Interesting coincidence.

And then there was the couple of missed calls in the clippers – thunder series that helped OKC advance.

And yesterday’s heat game had an outcome that surprised many. But look at the pace of the game and some very subtle calls early on that set a tone for the game. Early fouls perhaps have a slight advantage to the pacers.


Can anyone explain this?

Why is Easter considered a holiday in which everything is closed? And yet thanksgiving is not?

I mean one is clearly a religious holiday and the other celebrates family and a sense of coming together as a nation to give thanks.

Seems odd to me….just sayin’

Short. Sweet. To the point. That’s the beauty Dave’s iPhone.

MLB Hail To De-Chiefing – ESPN

Espn has an article about Cleveland Indians fans removing the racially offensive logo. And the fans who object to it. What caught maybe attention was this quote. Which I think sums up things nicely.

It’s all our nothing with many fans. You blindly support your sports teams because….well you just do. How ludicrous.

The consistent theme of these comments — often implicit, sometimes spelled out — has been, “If you don’t like the logo, then you’re a bad fan and don’t deserve to root for the team.”

LeBron makes Samsung tweet gaffe

What can we learn from this boys and girls? Two things: 1. Apple products rule! And 2. Don’t believe a celebrity when they endorse a product. It is often all about the money, and they have no real belief in said product.

Short. Sweet. To the point. That’s the beauty Dave’s iPhone.

Conflicting messages

I saw a quote from SC State Senator Lee Bright when he was talking about closing abortion clinics.  He said “I’ll do anything I can do to further restrict the culture of death.”

And my problem is that he is “the guy” – the one responsible for a nullification piece of legislation that seeks to make federal gun laws not applicable to the good people of SC.  And he is behind several of the efforts to give away assault rifles to pretty much anyone who wants one.

So much for that culture of death comment…

Its all about the money

Steve Ross says he’s ready to fund stadium improvements himself. And I’m sure he’s doing this because he’s a good owner or out of the kindness of his heart.

Or not:

He basically wants to liberate himself from paying taxes or for any sort of lease.

And that makes it more profitable for him. Maybe sets him up to get revenue from future superbowls. Or maybe it sets him up to simply move the team

Some great deal, right?


I loved the original with Carl Sagan. And I have to say, this one is a close second. Well done, and updated just enough to make it relevant.

I especially loved Tyson’s personal story about his meeting with Sagan. That just amped up the coolness.

The backstory was pretty cool, too. Tyson was asked why Fox (of all places!) was going to air his show. His answer was perfect: this is about the science, not about perceived politics. He wanted to get the message out there – and Fox offered the most money and most creative control, coupled with the potential to reach 100s of millions of viewers.

Science does rock!

Top Chef

Generally, I find this "reality show" to be one of the select few that I am able to watch. There’s no real BS bickering, and its about the food and the chefs and how their personalities relate to their foods.

Now, I admit I didn’t like the ending to season 11, but that’s a subjective thing, and really doesn’t matter that much. It was still entertainment.

Anywho, I’ve watched the 11 seasons, and have seen that a couple of chefs were from Miami and a festival once I happened to meet one. But I’d never eaten at one of their restaurants.

Or so I thought. A while back, I had an event at the Fountianbleu on Miami Beach, and we were treated to dinner at an Italian restuarant called Scarpetta inside the hotel.

The food was great, and the restaurant was high end. But I never thought about who was cooking. So I’m watching the show and Nina is a contestant (a finalist at that) and it says she works at Scarpetta. And she is known as the gnocchi queen. And….I had the gnocchi.

Oh….so I *have* tasted a top chef’s cuisine. Cool.

Nina Compton