Rick Scott’s “fan” disaster: Just the sort of trivial thing he deserves to lose over – Salon.com


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What a joke

I posted over on my Dolphins blog a thought about the NFL’s personal conduct policy….

But the problems are pervasive in sports, and the NCAA is in this mix. How do they let Penn State get back into the bowl business? Why is the same thing never even considered for another university?

And there’s a lot of talk about where the money went that was collected in fines. It couldn’t possibly have gone right back to the university….could it have? Meaning the whole thing is a joke?

And now on the FSU story and their star QB. Its amazing how the police didn’t investigate. And then, the school, in violation of federal law, didn’t either. Oops. It seems likely that their failure to do so – I suppose to protect their profitable football program – will come back to hurt them.

I have no idea how this will play out, but it seems possible that the university might "sell out" the athlete in order to save itself. After all, they won a championship, and he’s disposable in a way.

And while we’re on the topic of him – how does "his family" manage to hire one of the most prominent attorneys when it comes to athletes? How can they afford it? Seems fishy to me. And if he did nothing wrong, why hire him? For publicity? Can’t miss that big payday in the NFL!