Missing films.

So I wonder what you’d find in this film vault?

The missing zabruder film? Or maybe some images from NJ on 9/11?

Tracking stupid people

I have decided to create a database to track stupid people. And we’re going to track your every move.

It’s mandatory, and the database is already in place….enrollment happens when you apply for high political office. Presidential candidates are going to be monitored closely.

Now if only we could herd them all into an internment camp.

Donald Trump portrait made from 500 pictures of dicks (NSFW-ish) | Dangerous Minds

This guy is…well, I think the picture says it all.

What a complete and total idiot. And people actually think he’d be a good president???

Sure. He’s gonna arm wrestle Putin shirtless. And bomb the shit out people.

And build a wall and get someone else to pay for it.

And just say “meh” to the constitution as he decides to not allow for freedom of religion. Or birthright citizenship.

And what ever other ridiculous ideas he has.

To quote Obi Wan Kenobi, though, “who is the more foolish? The fool? Or the fool that follows him?”

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That makes two presidential candidates who have actually said "we’ll accept refugees if they can prove they are Christian."

Ummmm. Who else does this sound like? Oh yeah, they very group they claim to hate, who reportedly have people take religious tests to prove they are Muslim.

Stop the insanity

I keep hearing people talking about immigration as it relates to refugees.

Governors don’t want. Presidential hopefuls blather on. The media eats it up.

The reality is that we’re a nation that can take some refugees (and rightly “should”) based on our principles.

Governors have no say; it’s a federal issue.

Some may argue that a few bad people will make their way in, and that dangerous. But a determined individual will find a way in – perhaps even on a false passport as a tourist.

So that’s not a reason.

It smells like fear mongering.