About the contributors to the Dolphins blog


Carl Leone

Carl has been a Dolfan since Christmas Day 1971, a day where every holiday turkey across the country was ruined due to the Miami Dolphins vs the Kansas City Chiefs double overtime playoff game. At age 13, Carl hadn't picked a favorite team yet and his family, although fans of other teams, decided to root for the Chiefs. So just to be antagonistic, Carl rooted for the Dolphins and they won in a game that lasted over 4 hours. While every Mom in the country yelled from the kitchen "the turkey is ready", every football fan in America yelled back "not yet, they are driving and will kick a field goal". After the game, as Carl's family struggled to enjoy their Holiday meal, Carl sat with a "dried out turkey eating" grin on his face and his love affair with the Dolphins began. In 1981, Carl moved from his home state of New Jersey to West Palm Beach to sell for 3M and attended 90% of the Dolphins home games during the entire 1980's. Now back in New Jersey, Carl has been both a Realtor and a member of the New Jersey Football Officials Association refereeing High School football since 1991. Last season, he officiated his 3rd State Final at MetLife Stadium. Carl still attends Dolphins games across the country and in Miami. He has happily been writing for this blog since 2013.

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Chad Ronnebaum (a/k/a GoFins4SB)

My name is Chad Ronnebaum and I have been following the Dolphins since shortly after birth. Unfortunately, that happened in 1974 so I have spent my entire life waiting for that elusive super bowl. I really started following the team in the early 80's and cried like Darius Rucker in the losses to the Redskins and 49ners. I did get the privilege of watching Marino through my whole childhood and was blissfully unaware what it was like to not have a good quarterback all that time. Now days I just mainly swear at the TV watching the Dolphins on sunday ticket in Iowa. I have been attending 1-2 games per year and hope to keep that trend going as watching the Miami Dolphins remains one of my strong passions.


Lawrence Chavez

My name is Lawrence Chavez. I am from New Mexico and have been a life long Dolphins fan even though my father, Larry, who is a die hard Raiders fan tried and tried again to change my mind growing up. I have played football for 11 years of my life and coached for 3 additional years as well as 2 more officiating. So football has been and still is a huge part of my life and personality. When I'm not working or spending time with my wife & kids, I am usually reading the latest on the Dolphins or planning for my fantasy football team which I am proud to say I am reigning & defending champion! I have been following this blog since at least 2011 and started posting in 2013.


Richard Machado

My name is Richard Machado and I am currently a junior attending UCF in Orlando. I have been an avid Dolphins fan since the day I could remember, and every Sunday during football season it is a tradition to watch the game. I also started blogging for the site back in my senior year of high school and look forward to continue blogging in the future.


Ray Finkle

Ray is a "Soccer style kicker graduated from Cauler high June 1976, Stetson University honors graduate class of 1980, holds 2 NCAA division 1 records one for most points in a season, one for distance, former nickname 'The Mule,' The first and oly pro athlete to come out of Cauler County and one hell of a model American." He was kicking when for the Dolphins during the infamous SuperBowl when Dan Marino was holding, and he missed. To this day, he insists it was Marino who held it wrong....LACES OUT DAN!


Bitchin' Dave

As you may know, Dave is the founder of this site. He spent a lot of time following the Dolphins, but treating them lightly; with tongue planted in cheek. He has since moved on to other interests, but keeps this site up for others to express their opinions about the team. The picture was taken while Nick was the coach. There's a note on the desk...

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My grandmother

"My grandmother" was a character Dave created some years ago as a means to express my disappointment (as in "this team couldn't beat my grandmother")...Dave still pays tribute to that ideal to this day.

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