My boyfriend and I just had the most blazing row over money

We always argue over money, and I am not sure what the answer is to the problem. He loves to move in with me as he cannot afford his place, but I have told him that he has to pay half of the bills. He says that he wants to save all of his money to buy his place. I am not sure that is fair. After all, I bought my home with my earnings from London escorts, so why should he not help out with bills. This time I told him I wanted his key back, and he just threw it at me as he walked on the door. I am so worried that I am going to be in a lousy mood for London escorts.


Most of the girls at London escorts know that relationships can be challenging. The worse thing is that the guys we go out with expect us to pay for so much. In a way, I often felt that I had used it in a relationship. That is not a pleasant feeling, and I would instead feel like I am a genuine partner in a relationship. But none of the guys I have met since I started to work for London escorts have made me feel like that.


I am not sure how we are going to get things back together again. My boyfriend is a great guy, but I am ending up paying for everything. The other day, as I was going into London’s best escorts, we went out for breakfast. As usual, he expected me to pay for everything, and that is not nice at all. I always feel that I used it, and that is not a pleasant feeling at all, to be honest. Recently I have even bought him some clothes, and he did not even say thank you. I know he is nice, but there is also so much that you can take.


It is a challenging situation to find yourself. Living in London is a nightmare for rental prices and other expenses, but I cannot see why I should pay for my boyfriend’s life. He is more than welcome to move in, but he needs to help out with bills. I can afford them on my thanks to the best escorts in London website that I work for, but I cannot see why I should sponsor him. I have no intention of doing that at all. It would only not be fair, and I don’t think it would make for a long-term relationship. Perhaps we are better off apart, and I should find myself a guy who wants to be an equal partner. However, I think that it could very much be a challenging task to do that.

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