What Is Manscaping?

New trends come along all of the time. The latest fashion trend sweeping across London is “manscaping”. Never heard of manscaping? Well, you would not be the first. It was actually one of my London escorts clients who brought the term to my attention. He told me that he had just been for a manscaping session with a local beautician before he arranged a cheap London escorts booking with me. Before I knew it, he took great pride in showing me his newly waxed chest.

Did he look sexy? I must admit that I took one look and turned up my nose slightly. Although he cleared thought that he looked the dog’s bollocks if you know what I mean, I thought that he looked anything but. Almost all London escorts know better than to speak their mind, and I must admit, my good manners prevented me from commenting about the look of his waxed chests. Like all other good London escorts, I only said; “Ouch, that must have hurt”.

Later on that evening when I had a five-minute beak during my London escorts shift, I decided to Google manscaping. Apparently, this is when a man visits a beautician to have excess hair or other beauty problems attended to. It made me laugh. I guess almost all London escorts know that men are just as vain as women, but most of the time, we don’t comment on it.

If you are just setting yourself up as a beautician in London, I want you to know that you can probably earn some serious money from “manscaping’ as this guy called it, Really what he was referring to is men’s grooming. Beauticians have specialised in men’s grooming for a long time so I guess that “manscaping” is just another new phrase the beauty industry has come up with to attract customers. London escorts go to the beautician on a regular basis so I know that new sales pitches or sales tricks turn up all of the time. Manscaping is just the latest one. New beauty treatments are great, but it is also easy to spend a small fortune on treatments that are not strictly necessary. Does manscaping come under this umbrella? I am not so sure. I would need to find out more. But, I do think that you should think twice before you go off and try a new procedure.

Do women find men who are into grooming attractive? Yes, women think a well-groomed man is attractive but I do think that manscaping is taking things a step too far. I know of many London escorts who think that men are becoming increasingly feminine by the day. It makes you wonder why. Perhaps men think that women feel less intimidated by feminine men and are more likely to go to bed with them. In my humble opinion, I do think that manscaping is taking things a step too far. Yes, men may think it is the right thing to do, but I really don’t think they should go to extremes.

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